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World's first device that flosses all of your teeth at once.

Dr. Floss is the world's first one size fits all floss solution which carries the mission of making flossing easy.

1st place Winner of 2020 Startup Montclair State University Pitch Competition

TIE UNIVERSITY: Best Startup Idea Award 2021, 3rd Place 2022

2nd place at a Statewide Collegiate competition by UPitch Nokia Bell Labs

How Does It Work?

Gum & Gums has innovated an all at once flossing device which you can simply pop in & out of your mouth while seamlessly flossing all of your teeth simultaneously.

Gum & Gums is a Sustainable Oral Hygiene brand that has reinvented the wheel around flossing all of your teeth simultaneously with its premier product Dr. Floss. It is the world’s first one size fits all solution. Enabling ethical sustainability, we aim to achieve this by using Biodegradable materials and Eco-friendly packaging for our products.

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Here's what the dentists have to say about Dr. Floss

“Flossing is difficult for most patients. DR. FLOSS is a great alternative for those patients that have a hard time time using regular string floss. Being that you "floss" all teeth at once, there is little to no bacteria transfer from site to site in comparison to traditional dental picks. And it's definitely alot less time consuming.”

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Dr. Zakia Anjum Akhtar

DDS (NYU), Residency (St. Vincent's Medical Center)

“Dr. Floss will indeed be a revolutionary replacement of conventional flossing, its unique and innovative design will be a choice for those who want quick and easy way to maintain their oral hygiene.”

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Dr. Rashid Mahmood

DBDS Dental Surgeon & Orthodontist